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A Guide to Functional Medicine

Very recently, a medical practice has evolved which is totally different from traditional medical practices since its aim is to address the unique healthcare needs of individuals.

The underlying cause of the disease is first determined before treatment in functional medicine. Focus is centered on the different bodily systems and their primary functions. To help the patient obtain better health and wellness, the medical practitioner works closely together with him in a partnership.

Today, functional medicine is slowly becoming very popular in our culture. Find out the reason why, below.

It is only when a person is sick will traditional medicine come in. Traditional medicine care for the sick by diagnosing heir problems and providing medication for their disease or trauma and they also deal with urgent emergency conditions. It does not focus on the wellness of a human body.

Today, more and more people are suffering from chronic diseases. Many people today are experiencing heart diseases, diabetes, mental illness, cancer and autoimmune conditions. Traditional medical approaches do not allow the ability to treat or prevent complex chronic disease. And the reason for this is that they don’t account for the individual’s unique make-up or factors outside that could play a role, especially in the environment which is where we get all the toxins in our bodies. Traditional medicine also do not consider the lifestyle choices of the individual which can greatly affect the general health of a person and may contribute greatly to his chronic illness.

Functional medicine, on the other hand, focuses on the origin, prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases. There are many differences between functional and traditional medicine which we can find below.

The primary focus of functional medicine is the whole patient. The reason why they focus on the whole patient is to promote overall good health. Here, the medical practitioner guides the patient into self-discovery by listening to their stories and background. By knowing more about the patient, they are better able to tailor the best treatment for their patient.

In order to find the cause of the illness, doctors evaluate the patient’s history, lifestyle, and physiology. They also evaluate the genetic make-up of a person because even this alone can cause illnesses. This is a concern of a functional medical practitioner. The acknowledge the both external and internal factors affect the body’s overall health.

Both traditional and alternative practices are used in functional medicine. When encouraging patients to do disease prevention, they usually recommend a diet, nutrition, and exercise routines. They use the latest and best lab results and other diagnostic studies to diagnose and treat their patients. Their prescribed treatment include a combination of pharmaceutical medications, natural supplements, botanicals, detoxification programs, stress-management strategies and therapeutic diets.

The practice of functional medicine is the best practice that you can go to if you are experiencing chronic illnesses today.

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