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How You Can Get Your Security Deposit Back

It has become a common trend where landlords are not returning security deposits to tenants who are moving out of their apartment complex.Therefore, moving from one house to another has forced people to search for extra money to replace the security deposit of the old apartment complex.Read through the following ways in which you can receive your security deposit when moving houses.

Take your time to fill in all the details in the move-in checklist.Every apartment complex has a move-in form that the new tenants are expected to fill out upon entry.While you are filling in the form, inspect the house to notice any damages and fill them in the checklist.With the check-list, your security deposit will only be used to pay for damages that you caused during your stay in an apartment.Before you hand over the check-list to the landlord, make sure you have verified all the items you have filed.

Thoroughly read the lease.This is very important before you sign it.This will help you see any hidden agreements in the lease.If you do not carefully read the lease, you might end up violating the hidden clauses and lose your security deposit.Some apartments require their tenants to notify them of not renewing their leases.Failure to do so, the landlord automatically renews your lease.Once you try cancelling the lease, the landlord may decide to keep your security deposit to cater for the new period.
Make sure you that the carpets remain the way you found them.In most cases, people do not get their security deposits because the carpets are in a mess.You may accidentally pour food or drinks on the carpet or even your pet may mess up the carpet.But, make sure you use the right cleaning materials for carpets to clean up the dirt.

Next tip is taking pictures of the apartment before moving out.All house parts, including walls, floors, and appliances, must be captured in the pictures.This will be enough evidence of the state of the house when you moved out.If the landlord charges you for any damage that you did not cause, you have enough proof to deny the charges.Getting back your security deposit will not be a problem anymore.
Lastly, appear during the walkthrough.During the walkthrough, the apartment company will report any damage in the house.Any chances of the apartment agent making up damages so as to take your security deposit will be nil.Being present during the walkthrough ensures that you are not charged for anything you did not damage but charged for only things that you damaged.As a result, you will get your security deposit.